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Rock Stars of Innovation

Francisco Castano at the Auditorio San Pedro in Monterrey, Mexico


On May 21, 2015, Bravo MX featured five entrepreneurs who are "achieving the impossible" through their innovative companies. Francisco Castano, CEO of Geometrica, spoke to a full house at the Auditorio San Pedro in Monterrey, Mexico.

The event's stated purpose was to inspire entrepreneurs in Monterrey to take their companies to the global market.  Geometrica has completed structures in more than 30 countries.  With its manufacturing plant near the venue, it was a natural choice for the roster, and Castano was invited to present his personal and his company's history to an audience consisting of local entrepreneurs, businessmen, and institutional investors.

Castano spoke about Geometrica's experience in becoming a premier dome manufacturer worldwide.  He related the company's history, first as a startup, then through its development of groundbreaking gridshell technology, to its wiki-based, world-class QMS, and its successful international marketing strategy

The audience also enjoyed presentations by Jordi Muñoz of 3D Robotics, who spoke of his company's exemplary work in the prosumer-drone market. Jorge Soto of Miroculus spoke of the molecular detection of cancer. Amparo Serrano of Distroller spoke of creative art and fashion products. Aaron Benitez spoke of global marketing and media initiatives.  Question and answer, as well as meet and greet sessions, complemented the presentations.  

And, of course, one question is "What can Geometrica design for you?" To learn more, please inquire below.