About Hyparwave
Surfaces that curve in opposite directions carry all sorts of awkward monikers: “warped,” “anti-clastic,” “minimal,” “inverse curvature,” “hyperbolic parabola.” First popularized by Felix Candela and Frei Otto with concrete shells and cable grids, respectively, these forms later became very popular for fabric and tent structures. Geometrica calls its own such structures Hyparwave™, which we hope more accurately reflects their beauty.
Hyparwave Dome Design
San Juan de los Lagos
Geometrica Hyparwaves are framed with tubular members. The resulting structure is strong in both tension and compression, and it can be shaped into surfaces of revolution, as well as combinations of dome-type curvature and inverse curvature in a single gridshell.
Hyparwave Dome Construction
Museo Soumaya under construction
QATAR Hyparwave Dome
Qatar DSWMC 
Hyparwave's rigid structure supports a variety of cladding systems, including glass, metal-deck and built-up roofing--even airy netting.
Chapultepec Aviary Dome Design
Chapultepec Aviary
Elegance implies both beauty and simplicity. To achieve elegance when building free-form structures, you need the right construction system. Geometrica's system of compact, universal aluminum connectors develops the full yield strength of the joined steel tubes, offering both efficiency and aesthetics. It has been used for the most beautiful as well as the most functional buildings worldwide.
Industrial Hyparwave Dome Design
Industrial Warehouse
Used as a secondary structure, Geometrica's Hyparwave brings exacting, complex curvature to landmark buildings, such as The Museo Soumaya in Mexico City. Geometrica built the freestyle Hyparwave to support the façade of the multistory museum. Designed by renowned architect Fernando Romero, the Soumaya is the city’s newest and most visible world-class icon. A thorough explanation of the process by which this remarkable building was realized is presented in Gehry Technology's Museo Soumaya - Façade Design Through Fabrication.
Hyparwave Freedome Design
Museo Soumaya